A  powerful workforce software to simply calculate & forecast compensation. 

  • Calculate collective bargaining proposals during negotiations.

  • Forecast your organization's exact compensation expenses for the next fiscal year.

  • See the budget impact of each proposal or forecast.

  • Calculate management's proposal, then each union proposal.

  • Compare multiple proposals to see the budget impact. 

Our collective bargaining software simplifies what spreadsheets complicate.


Simply Calculate

Calculate the total package cost of any scenario before and during collective bargaining.


Employee Projections

Build a multi-year payroll forecast. See how the forecast impacts your budget.


Quick Compare

Quickly compare different compensation & benefit proposals for each employee group. 


Employee Profile

Manage individual employee profiles that store information required to calculate labor costs. See how proposals affect them. 


Data Exporter

Simply communicate updated employee information to your payroll system.

Providing a collective bargaining software that helps you see employee costs today.

  • Project future payroll costs.

  • Model what-if scenarios.

  • Experiment in the sandbox.

  • Understand the budget impact of each decision.

Reduce employee labor costs 

Calculate employee turnover v.s. new hire costs.

Strategic retirement planning to lower workforce costs. 

Control employee hours to maintain a balanced budget.