Iowa School Finance Information Systems, ISFIS

This is a really good product that will save you time, make your information more accurate and make your life all-around better.
— Larry Sigel

Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Community School District, Iowa

Gaus Systems has made negotiation preparation and proposal calculations much less burdensome, providing data that I am confident in presenting to the association. My exhibits are accurate and easy to read and itemize. Gaus System employees are very responsive and quickly make any adjustments needed in a timely manner. Having individual contracts and work agreements printed at the conclusion of negotiations is also a great benefit of the system.
— Dr. Robert Olson, Superintendent

Mid-Prairie Community School District, Iowa

Calculating employee costs across spreadsheets can be incredibly time consuming and painstaking. No one knows that more than Jeff Swartzentruber, the business manager for Iowa’s Mid-Prairie school district. Every year, these manual calculations required three to four days, easily, just to build and operate these spreadsheets. If the union wanted to see another option, it would be hours to run a different scenario and validate the numbers. And if there was an error in one of the formulas, there would be another investment of hours to hunt it down.

But that was not the case this year. Mid-Prairie used GausSystems to calculate costs for collective bargaining with each of their three employee groups. Instead of spending days upon days to output accurate calculations, the team put in less than one day. In less than a day several scenarios were constructed and different options evaluated. We’re talking less than HALF the time previously required saving Jeff over 3 days of time!

Aside from the overall performance and speed, the clarity of information GausSystems provided proved to be another critical benefit. Mid-Prairie immediately discovered the originally proposed plan would require layoffs of at least three teachers. Ouch! Jeff crafted an alternative plan (a few options, in fact) to avoid layoffs while still providing increases. And Mid-Prairie and the Teacher’s Union reached an agreement for the 2016-17 school year.

Mid-Prairie joined forces with Gaus Systems in February of 2016. We were looking for a solution to streamline our wage and benefits calculations as we negotiated within our Interest Based Bargaining Unit last Spring. The initial set was efficient, accomplishing the negotiation data management. That rolled into generating contracts and then into interfacing the upload to the Payroll module in Software Unlimited. The time savings to the District has been significant. Their service has been topnotch. And, they are always striving to enhance—asking the right questions and really listening for answers. Gaus Systems thinks like a Business Manager and Payroll Person because they have lived it. The decision to work with Gaus Systems was one of the best made this year!
— Jeff Swartzentruber, Business Manager