Save your business office hundreds of hours every year.

We make employee compensation tasks fast and easy.

Do They Call You a Superhero?

They should. You spend crazy, stressful hours staying on top of it all. Payroll, employee costs, reports, budgets.

It never ends, because the numbers keep changing. You gather data, connect it in spreadsheets, or do manual updating.

Well not any more.


Gaus is Your Secret Weapon

With a few simple clicks Gaus does all the work. Calculate costs. Audit and update payroll. Output reports. Compare projections. Generate employee contracts.

Not estimates, exact numbers, always to the penny. Need to update/sync other systems? No problem. It’s easy.


Perfect Payroll


Employee Contracts




Collective Bargaining

Perfect Payroll

Employee information from multiple places. Complex pay structures. Manual calculations and updating. These all contribute to payroll errors. It’s inevitable.

Your payroll isn’t perfect. Until you use Gaus.

Gaus finds and corrects payroll errors during setup. Then prevents new errors. Gaus calculates payroll with the click of a button and gives you a file that uploads directly to your payroll & accounting systems. Fast. Easy. No errors.



Issue Employee Contracts

Gaus houses all your compensation, benefits, pension and tax structures. One click then instantly calculates the correct numbers for each employee. It’s easy to merge this information into your contract document templates. Or generate them directly from Gaus.




File Reports Throughout The Year

Oh the reports! Year end reports. Line item budgets. Mid-year reports. Basic educational survey reports. Building these manually, for every report needed, takes precious time away from everything else you need to do.

With GausSystems you can build custom budget reports without the need of spreadsheet formulas.



Costing for budgets and negotiations

Every year you need to budget and forecast for the next year. Maybe you even collectively bargain with your teacher and staff unions. It's time consuming to build new spreadsheets. And creating projections can be fraught with the possibility of errors.

Let us help you eliminate your costing spreadsheets. Take back your time, your weekends and nights. And instantly calculate and compare proposals -- with confidence in the accuracy.

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