Our workforce engine helps drive great decisions.


Easily calculate. No more spreadsheets.

Simplify your work load with our collective bargaining calculator. Create your own salary schedules. See the impact that benefit, pension and taxes have on your General Fund Budget. 


Control your employee costs.

Your workforce accounts for 80% of your General Fund expenses. Early retirement calculations shows you how to save money in the General Fund, while revealing the long term impact to the districts budget. 



Modify Salary & Longevity Schedules

Compensation plans change and our solution allows you to modify and update all compensation plans to accurately calculate compensation increases. It is simple because you won't need to build a single spreadsheet formula! 


Centralized Employee Compensation & Benefit Data

All of your employee compensation, benefit, pension and tax information in a single view. Take action on lane changes, steps, adding or deleting benefits - all from the convenience of your office or your home. 

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