Our collective bargaining costing tool does what Excel cannot.

Easily calculate total package compensation and benefit costs

Automatically generate employee contracts

Easily communicate data to payroll systems


Changing the Collective Bargaining Experience

Costing Calculator

Easily calculate Total Package Cost of any compensation & benefits proposal. Also see the impact on General Fund Budget. 

Contract Generator

After new agreement is reached, automatically generate employee contracts that are ready to print.

Quick Compare

Quickly compare different compensation & benefit proposals for each employee group.

Data Exporter

We make it simple to update your payroll system with actual employee compensation & benefit data. 

Our Story

David Gaus founded Gaus Systems as a result of being a School Business Official. As recently as 2012 his duties included giving his school board accurate costing information on compensation & benefits proposals as their district bargained with employee groups. Even as an expert with Excel, he found it cumbersome to manually manipulate costing models in spreadsheets. Then after completion of bargaining, issuing contracts meant setting up mail merges correctly. Finally, it was tedious work manually updating the accounting and payroll system. He had a great team in his business office and they made it happen. But he knew there had to be a better way.

He searched for a solution that would easily handle projecting costs for any proposal to an employee group. Then after bargaining, the solution should generate employee contracts based on the final agreement and provide a simple export of the data so it could be imported into the accounting and payroll system.

No solution met these goals. So he founded our company and our solution does!